18 December 2012

Yesterdays Tears is done!

I just wrote the two words "the end" at the end of the epilogue on Yesterday's Tears. It's finally done! I'm not quite sure when I started it, I think it was right before the semester started in August. I've had a month or two with no motivation to write whatsoever in there as well. 

Now it's time to start editing it. I have some things to change, some things to delete, some things to add. I'm hoping it will clock in at about 60K when I'm done. If not 60K, then at least 55K. I'm also hoping to be able to submit it before the New Year. 

Besides YT, I have galleys on How About a Boyfriend? to go through as well as edits for Sakura Kiss, which also has to be in before the New Year. I'm hoping to have some days off next week to really make a dent in these three things. 

Also has to start on my next project. I think that will be finishing Returning Home. Also want to write a few short stories. We'll see how next week turns out once I get the schedule at work. 

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