29 December 2012

What's Ahead In 2013?

New Years Resolutions never really work for me, but I do have some plans for the new year. General plans like write more, write better, write longer or personal ones like study hard and get good grades.

Writing plans for 2013: 
★ write Maybe Tomorrow (sequel to Yesterday's Tears)
★ write the second sequel
★ write more short stories for the Their Circumstances series
★ finish Returning Home
★ write Finding Love (the sequel to Returning Home)
★ rewrite Polar Nights
★ write Northern Lights
★ rewrite Midnight Sun
★ edit Moscow Nights
★ write another story or two in the Legend & Lore series
★ finish Mist On the Moor
★ write something completely new

Other plans for 2013: 
★ branch out and submit to a new publisher
★ keep the blog updated
★ do better at marketing
★ do giveaways and guest blogs

This should definitely tie me over in 2013. I probably had more plans, but I cannot seem to remember them right now. Something always seem to come up and ruin every good plan though, so this might change as new ideas come to mind. But for now, this is what I plan to be working on in 2013! :-)


  1. Keep blog updated; I second that motion on my list of pseudo resolutions. ^^; I'm looking forward to 2013, and attacking your new stuff as it comes out. :3

    Which reminds me, I should really go write those down somewhere...

    1. Ahah, yeah, that's actually the hardest part to do, I think, becuase I seldom have anything worthwhile to blog about. At least I feel like that sometimes. :-P

    2. Right? Sometimes I feel like all I'm blogging about is what I had for dinner, or how tired I am from retail; not the best of blogs. ^^; But I think so far, you're doing better than I am at continual updates.