11 January 2013

To-do list for the weekend

The weekend is here and I've got loads of stuff to do. Most of it's simple writing, but there's some other things that need to be done as well. 

★ I was going to edit Sakura Kiss, but I crossed that off yesterday. However, I did get the galleys back, so I'll be going through them instead. 

★ Write more on Measured Doses. I hope to finish it this weekend. 

★ Write up the the blog post that will be posted on R.J. Scott's blog next Friday. 

★ Go through the three Silver & Kian stories and get them ready for submission. Actually submitting them will be the goal. 

I think I had more but I can't remember what it was right now. So yeah, that's still a lot to do. I'm going to be eating dinner now and watch another episode of Merlin, then the rest of the evening will be all about the writing. 

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