8 January 2013

Tracking wordcount

I decided to start tracking my word count this year. I haven't done this properly since '09. I found a yearly review I posted on Livejournal, which was quite interesting. In January that year I wrote 52K in a month. That's the month I finished the first version of Polar Nights. Also wrote 52K in November, and then I wrote Northern Skies, sequel to PN

In December 2009 I wrote approximately 60K! I was shocked when I saw it, because I've never thought I'd ever written so much in a month ever. According to the post I wrote both Winter Love and Sakura Kiss, and started Moscow Nights. It was surely one crazy month! 

So I've decided to track my wordcount this year. I think it'll better my ability to write, because now that I know what I write everyday I want to at least try to write something every day. I'm sad to say that I didn't write anything yesterday (I was moving stuff and watching Merlin), but I'm getting back to the writing today. 

I've made one lovely Excel spreadsheet to track both yearly wordcount, divided by month, as well as a spreadsheet for my projects, divided by both month and week. 

So last week, the first week of the year, I wrote a stunning 9.2K! I finished the third and last Silver/Kian short and started in on Measured Doses, my first threesome. That's a pretty good first week, if I do say so myself. 

If I want to get anywhere near 9K for this week though, I should really get started. Wish me luck!

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