4 March 2013

Happy Monday!

I'm getting back into writing again and it feels wonderful! My current project is called Inner Demons, and I'm planning for it to end up at around 30K as you can see from my little widget over on the side there. 

It's another story in the Their Circumstances series and featuring Josh and Damian. It's a bit different from other stories I've written for a couple of reasons. It's covering the seven years between Scarred Souls and Reunited, where one chapter is set in later time (pre-Reunited), and the second one is set earlier (post-Scarred Souls). It will cover the events of both those short stories, but from Josh's POV. It will also go a bit further, to bridge the gap between Reunited and Yesterday's Tears

I'm quite liking it this way. It feels right for these two. In Inner Demons, we get to see what events led up to Josh leaving and exactly why he left. You also get to see why Josh chose to come back, from his own POV. This is no spoiler for those of you who have read Reunited

In other news, I have to go through Measured Doses and fix it up after it has now been critiqued. I'm eager to get that one submitted, because I love the story and I love the characters and it's my first threesome story ever. 

I haven't got any news on Yesterday's Tears and Skin Deep, but I'll share release dates and covers as they come along. With that, I hope you're all having a good Monday, I know I am. *grin*

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