2 March 2013

RP vs. AE

As many of you might know, I'm back to being a university student. I'm doing English Language and Literature, even though I could certainly do without the literature part of it. But that's not really the point. The point is that this term I'm doing Phonetics and Varieties of English and everyone was given a choice; RP or AE (otherwise known as Received Pronunciation, or British English, and American English). 

Now, Im hoping to go to England in the fall and continue my education there. So of course I chose RP. However, my grammar is another matter. I'm writing American style, or at least I did until we started with Phonetics and I suddenly switched over to RP. Now I'm doing something in-between the two, but I've decided to turn my grammar over to RP as well. Best not go all the way, right? 

So yeah. My stories from now on will be written in British English, not American. This also quite fit with what I'm working on; the Their Circumstances series, as that one is set in London. 

When I wrote Yesterday's Tears, I was still writing with American spelling and such, but I did try to use well-known British words, such as "mum" instead of "mom". Now ... I just want to go through the entire thing and redo it. I want it all in RP. 

It's safe to say that everything else from now on will be written in British English. That's really all I wanted to say. Have a good weekend peeps!

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