18 March 2013

Happy Monday!

Or not. I'm not feeling particularly happy this Monday, but I sure hope others do! I haven't been feeling well for the last week or so, and it's grating on me. I have a constant headache lately. It doesn't hurt much, I've had worse, but it's still there and it's still no good. I also have constant stomach pains. I think I might've developed another allergy, but I cannot for the life of me figure out to what. Eating does not agree with me, but neither does not eating, so ... I don't know. Maybe I've got cancer. (I'm always scared of cancer. I don't know why). 

Okay, so, enough with the IRL news. Over to something more interesting! I finished Inner Demons and I'm letting it stew for a while before going over it again. I had plans to either start a lesbian story or one featuring a couple from group therapy, but instead the direct sequel to Yesterday's Tears grated on me and I caved. I don't really mind, I love these two characters. 

Measured Doses have been stewing for a while now, and I've got feedback on it. I should get to fixing it up so I can finally submit it. I should also go through Yesterday's Tears and make it more British now that I've decided to change from American. I also need to change every reference to the 'ER' in the novel, because apparently it's not named that in England. Who knew? It's named that in Norway, I might add, just in, you know, Norwegian. In England however, it's the A&E. Yeah, I've got a lot of 'ER's to change, considering Damian's a doctor and works there. 

I'm going on Easter Holiday to Oppdal come Friday (Oppdal is the setting for half of Winter Love, btw), and I'm not sure how often I'll have internet while I'm there. I'm not sure I'll have internet at all, which kind of scares me. I can always check things on the phone, but it's so much better to do so on the laptop. 

Anyway, my point is, that I'm going away for so long and with no internet ... I should schedule some posts. I was thinking excerpts from my newly finished stories. I don't think I've shared much from them at all. I'm bad at sharing, I know. I don't like to share from WIPs because I don't want to jinx myself, but now I have three books and one "anthology" finished, so I'm gonna schedule some excerpt posts to tie the blog over while I'm away. It's better than to have me rambling about whatever, isn't it? *grin*

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