14 March 2013

The Way To Your Heart Birthday Bloghop

There will be two blog hops in the near future where I will be a participant. The first one will be a blog hop for the release of Sakura Kiss. I will get back to that when I have more details to share. The second is a blog hop celebrating Less Than Three Press' four year anniversary. Many of the LT3 authors will participate in the hop, including yours truly. It's going to be fun!
What The Way to Your Heart means: Participants will be blogging about all those little things they love! LT3 was founded on the idea of providing those types of stories that mean the most to us and would be just as loved by readers. But what other little things do our authors and friends love? Is the path to their heart paved with food? Are they sports fan? Are they madly in love with Doctor Who or The Walking Dead? You’ll find out in April! In addition, many will be providing shiny giveaways, including several sparklies from LT3!
I haven't decided on the topic of my post yet, it's something I need to seriously consider now that I've got most of my academic work out of the way for a while. I'm looking forward to seeing what everybody else loves, besides writing!

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