26 March 2013

Snippet: Bodily Harm

"Hey, D." Silver's voice came from the front of the room. "You've got visitors."

Damian turned. As he didn't exactly know a lot of people, and two of his closest were right there, there were really only three it could be. Turned out it was two of them. "Ray. Claire. Hi."

Josh went rigid next to him as he realised just whom the two people standing by the door were. Damian glanced at him and Josh relaxed a bit when he met Damian's eyes.

"Hi, Damian. We were in the neighbourhood, so we thought we'd stop by and ask you to join us for dinner tonight." Claire smiled widely, as she usually tended to do. "Chloe will be joining us, as well. You can bring your friend." She nodded towards Josh, who suddenly looked like a deer caught in headlights.

"Uh …" Damian looked back at Josh again, catching his eyes. Damian tried to form a silent question and he guessed he succeeded when Josh nodded slightly. "Okay. Uh … when?" He turned back to face his uncle and aunt. Claire was still smiling, while Ray was studying Josh.

"As it's Saturday, we're doing dinner a bit later than usual. How about around six?"

Damian nodded. "Okay, we'll be there."

"Great!" Claire beamed. "See you both then!" Her eyes too flickered to Josh for a bit, as Ray's had done, before she left the flat.

They must both be quite confused. Damian hadn't told them he was seeing anyone, so having Damian come out of his bedroom on a Saturday morning with another bloke must be quite a surprise for them both.

"Are you sure about this?" Josh was chewing nervously on his lower lip. "Dinner with your family?"

"Yeah, well … I've met your mum. It's only fair that you meet my uncle and aunt." It had actually been three months since Damian had first met Angelina. It was only fair that Josh got to meet Ray and Claire. They were the only family Damian had left, along with their two kids.

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