30 March 2016

That's a wrap

I finished More Than Enough today, and I think it ended in a nice, hopeful place. It's about twenty-nine and a half thousand words, so I'm rounding that number up to a neat 30K. It's 30K! Yay! 

Okay, so... It wasn't supposed to be that long. The entire book was set to become 40K in my mind, perhaps up to 60K, but that was maximum. So when only the first part turned 30K, I knew it would all be too long. 

So now it's been split. Book 1: More Than Enough, and now book 2: Not Close Enough. I've got a plan for the titles of this series. One word follows each couple. I wrote a short story to follow up on More Than Anything titled Anything For Him. The first part of More Than Words were released as a novella from Andreas' POV, titled No Right Words. So if you see a MTA book with Anything, Words, or Enough in the title, you know what couple's it's gonna be about. 

Today I've been thinking some more. See, I made the cover for Not Close Enough and the series title is More Than Anything. BUT I was thinking... What if it said More Than Enough instead? All books in this series that feature different couples are stand-alones, after all, but those following the same couple are not. So I was thinking perhaps label them as their own series, but they're still part of the main series. Just to separate the different couples. Maybe the first book should be labeled as part of the main series? 

Good idea? Yay? Nay? 

I'm pondering it. For now, I've just barely started in on Not Close Enough. I made a blurb, but the beginning doesn't quite match it yet. We'll get there. In a bit. I can't wait for what's to happen next. I have a general idea, but stuff always pops up. That's what's so fun about writing - you never know what's going to come along and mess up your plan and your idea for the book. 


  1. Sounds awesome I can't wait to read them all! Thank you so much for "More Than Anything"! I absolutely adored it, finished it just the other day! Moved me many times!! With regard to your naming dilemma I'd think that "more than enough" as a title would be totally ok. Mark A Roeder has written loads of books that all follow in a sort-of series that contain different titles and in truth i find it difficult to work out which ones to read in what order. Is maybe why I've not read one yet... Anyways thanks again for "more than anything", my previous favourite gay theme book was "Something like summer" by Jay Bell which I adore and still do but this really touched me and I felt so much more related to Geir and Jorgen than I ever was for Ben and Tim (from something like summer). A final question though, how do I get a hold of "Anything for him"? The mere thought of a kind of more than anything sequal has me weak at the knees!! All the best! Chris x

    1. Hi! Thanks so much for your kinds words, I'm so happy to hear that MTA moved you. :) "Anything For Him" is currently only available on my website (http://www.ttkove.com/more/anything-for-him/), but I plan on revising it and lengthen it a little and then release it as a short story on Amazon/ARe/Smashwords and the likes. :) I also plan on writing a sequel for them, that takes up right after MTA ends, but that's going to have to wait till I have finished the "Enough" stories. :)

  2. You are more than welcome, thank you!! :)
    I'm so happy to hear you have so many plans for the "Anything" series and I can't wait to read them! As soon as its out I'll buy it straight away :) :)
    i'm now going to read more than words! Although I just need a few days to recover from MTA... I'm still smitten!! Take care! Thanks for the reply!

    1. I hope you enjoy Words too! It's quite different from Anything, but in a good way, I hope. :)