1 April 2016

I've got some rights back

As of today, Forest of Fenris and How About a Boyfriend? are no longer for sale. Out of print. This means I've got the rights back to them, and... now what? They're old stories, written way back in 2011 and 2012. I dread opening the documents to read through both stories! 

But I shall. Once my work-weekend is over. I want to republish them myself, so I have to see if they're good as they are or if I need to change stuff or rewrite them all together. 

I do have plans for Forest of Fenris. I want to rewrite it The Huntress too, as well as Desert Fire. But I have to wait till I get my rights back to Desert Fire first... So, until then, I thought perhaps I should just republish it as it is. Once I've got all the rights back I'll pull them all and redo them, then republish them again. 
and change a pen name, because I want that story to be meant for a younger audience. That goes for

As for Boyfriend?... I'm considering rewriting it into first person POV, but we'll see what I feel after I've read through it. Maybe it's good as it is. I don't know. I haven't so much as glanced at that story since it was published. 

It's very exciting, though, to get he rights back! Now I can make my own covers. I now have full control and can do whatever I please with them. Exciting, indeed! 

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