5 August 2012

Monthly rundown: July 2012

Posting this a little late (it's already the 5th of August!), but I've been busy. My last post explains it all well. Also, some part of this post will explain it. 

Good stuff
  • I got into school! Not in England, but I'm happy with where I'm going
Bad stuff
  • Haven't been blogging as much as last month, but that'll hopefully changed now that the stress of will-I-get-in and won't-I-get-in and all that
  • Haven't been writing much either, but hopefully that will change as well
  • I read Megan Derr's Kiss the Rain last month, but my book rec was posted on the first of July. 
  • Read Megan's Midsummer series; Midsummer's Moon, Midsummer's Curse, Midsummer's Law and Midsummers Baker. Loved them all!
  • Re-read Shawn Lane's Sutter Bay books, because the next one was coming out in August.
  • Read Equilibrium by Katey Hawthorne. 
Goals for August
  • Finishing my Kiss Me At Midnight anthology submission
  • Finish Kian & Silver's story
  • Finish Midnight Sun
Looking forward to in August
  • Hearing some on Sakura Kiss, and maybe even get a release date
  • Starting school (this time I can't get allergic, so hopefully this education will work out!)
  • Quitting my job
  • Moving away from my hometown

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