30 August 2012

How About a Boyfriend?

I just signed and sent in the contract for the story I wrote for LT3's Kiss Me At Midnight anthology. I do not have a release date yet, but it'll be out in December some time, I believe, as the theme is New Year. 

I do not have a cover, but I did write a blurb for the story, which is titled How About a Boyfriend? 

Roar has terrible luck with women. Henning has always known this, but when Roar starts talking about sex with mem, Henning has a hard time believing him. Until Roar proposes what Henning has secretly wanted for years ... and from there it quickly gets interesting.

This story is actually a rewrite of an old story I wrote ages ago. I also renamed the characters, who were English once upon a time, and made them Norwegian. Yeah, I like writing what I know. *grin*

I'm quite fond of this story and these men, and it's nice to finally have it rewritten. I'm liking it a lot better now, and though the basic plot is still the same, many smaller details have been changed for the better. It's a much better story overall now.


  1. Yay! I'm really looking forward to reading the other stories in this collection, yours included. It sounds so cute! ^__^

    1. Thanks! ^__^
      I hear there'll be over 40 stories in the collection. That's insane! *__*