28 August 2012

What makes a realistic contemporary m/m/m relationship?

When I'm done with Yesterday's Tears, I have another story in the series I really want to write. It's a prequel to YT, but it features different characters. I'm a little scared of it though, because it will be my first ever m/m/m contemporary. 

How do you write a triage realistically in a contemporary story? It's easier in fantasy or paranormal, I think, but contemporary ... I don't know. That said, I haven't really read any m/m/m contemporary romances either. Maybe I should, to see how other author's pull that off in a contemporary setting. 

I have the whole story perfectly planned out, it's just the romance part that leaves me a little nervous. I want the threeway relationship to be equal. I don't want there to be any favoritism of two guys, leaving the other out. I want them all to just be together and happy and satisfied with it. 

What do you think makes a realistic contemporary triage relationship?


  1. I think most of them that I have seen realistically, and the one 3some I know start out as a couple , then adds a third, either through open relationship, or someone they play with together on a semi- regular basis. Adding on does not make them less, if anything it means a lot that they want him in their lives so much they risk what they already have.

    1. Hmm, yeah, you do have a point, though I've never been that fond of it. :P If two characters gets together, I don't like adding a third. For my threesome, none are together; they figure things out together though. :P

  2. That would be interesting to see pulled off.