31 October 2012

Already the middle of the week

The days fly by so fast! It's already Wednesday and the 31st of October. It might have something to do with the fact that I am completely hooked on Sterek fanfiction. Yes, I've only just gotten up because I've spent so many hours reading. It's so brilliant, I love those two characters, and I can't seem to stop. I'm obsessed with it, I am. It's a good sort of obsession though, except that I'm not getting any of my own stuff done. 

I got another round of edits to do on How About a Boyfriend?. Cover's being worked on, but I do have a release date; January 16th! Not too long of a wait. I love this story and I love these boys and I am so happy to have rewritten it and finally gotten it out there. I think I do have the old version floating about on the web somewhere and I should probably track it down and delete it. But yeah, it's finally getting there and I'm so happy! 

I also just got edits for Sakura Kiss, so that's coming along too. I'm kind of dreading opening that file, because that story is a couple of years old and I know there'll be a lot of stuff to do on it. 

As for the writing ... well, nothing's happened as I've been busy with the TW fanfiction. I was thinking to work on Yesterday's Tears today though. I'm not quite grasping the mood of the current scene but I'm really inspired to write the epilogue. So yeah, I'll see where I'm getting with that.

Tomorrow is the start of NaNoWriMo. Not sure if I'm going to participate yet. I might not. I have a couple of shorts to write and I might track my progress, but I'm just going to fail with epic proportions. I did write about 30-35K last yet, and that's story is still waiting to be finished. So yeah, I never seem to do well with NaNo. Best to skip it all together. *grin*

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