25 October 2012

Free read: Scars (2/6)

People can be kind without expecting anything in return.
This is Scarred Souls, from Josh's point of view.


continued ...

Josh pushed himself up on his feet only to stumble as his knees protested after being folded up for so long. The guy grabbed a hold of his arm to help, but Josh hissed and jerked away as pain shot through him. He cradled his arm tight to his chest.

Azure eyes stared at him. "I'm sorry," he offered.

"No, I'm sorry." Josh covered his hurt arm with his other one, knowing full well that that too was just as cut up as the one that had been grabbed. That one currently only had a dull pain though, good pain, while the arm that had been grabbed ached so much for a moment that Josh felt his eyes tear up. "I've hurt my hand, that's all," he tried to smooth it over. "So it hurts to touch it. You couldn't know that."

"Ok. Come on." He moved his hand, holding the umbrella out towards Josh again. First then did Josh realize that he'd stepped right back out into the pelting rain.

Josh looked at him. He was handsome, Josh supposed, but so very serious. There wasn't even a hint of a smile on his lips. Would it be safe to trust him, to go home with him? Did it even really matter if it was or wasn't? Not really, Josh supposed. He was used to pain. Josh could take whatever the guy wanted. He'd most likely been through it before.

The guy kept his distance as they walked, as far as it was possible while still staying under the umbrella. He didn't speak and Josh didn't either and soon they were at his apartment. The guy unlocked it and stepped inside first to flick on the lights, then he held the door open for Josh.

"Bathroom's there." He pointed to a closed door at the other end of the room. The door led right into the living room, Josh took notice of, and at their left side was the kitchen. Besides the door he had pointed out as the bathroom, there were two other closed doors. Josh supposed one of them were the guy's bedroom. He'd probably find out soon enough. "I'll find you something dry to wear."

"Thank you." Josh had already stepped out of his wet shoes and he shuffled past the guy towards the bathroom. It was a nice sized bathroom, with white-tiled walls and a soft rug on the floor. There was a toilet, a wide sink covered with toiletries, two cabinets under it and over it, on each side of the mirror. There was also a tub, white like the rest of the room.

It was over three years ago now that Josh had lied down in a tub and slit his wrists so properly he'd hoped never to wake up again. He had woken up again, of course, in the hospital with his wrists properly bandaged up. All his secrets ... they'd come spilling out that day.

A timid knock came on the door and Josh turned to open it. The guy stood in front of him, holding out a small pile of neatly folded clothes.

"Thanks." Josh smiled slightly as he took them, grateful that the guy was doing this for him, no matter what he wanted in return.

Josh stripped out of his wet clothes and hung them over the bathtub to dry. He bit his lips as he realized his underwear was soaked too and there were only sweats and a shirt there for him to wear. Oh well, he probably wouldn't be needing underwear later, after all. Maybe that was his intent even. Josh stripped out of that too.

He found a towel to dry himself off with and then pulled on the dry, soft clothes he'd been lent. They felt wonderful against his cold, naked skin and Josh reveled against the feel of them. It was weird to be going commando though, but the sweats were thick and baggy. His bandages though ... he didn't know what to do with them. He'd just have to let them be.

Josh stepped back out of the bathroom and the guy turned his head to look at him. His eyes seemed to take Josh in and Josh found himself strangely pleased as he noticed that the guy liked what he saw. When the guy seemed to realize he was staring, he turned back to the television.

Josh moved uncomfortably towards the couch, not quite knowing what to do. The guy had liked what he saw. Why wasn't he already demanding Josh to suck him off for being so nice to him? Was he shy?

"What?" He turned to look at Josh again, voice slightly rough.

"Nothing. Just ..." Josh bent forward to press their lips together in a soft, chaste kiss. The guy didn't move, he sat frozen for several long moments as Josh continued kissing him.

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