29 October 2012

It's Monday again

For another half an hour at least. The only thing I've been doing today is read Teen Wolf fanfiction, which led me to want to watch both seasons of the show. Of course, I've only watched the scenes that has Stiles or Derek, and especially the scenes that has both of them. I have never in my life slashed a couple so hard as I do them. Not even Harry/draco, and I was pretty obsessed with them back in the day. 

So yeah ... I don't really have any news. I have two scenes left to write on Yesterday's Tears, then it'll be finished. I have a lot of editing to do though, so it'll be a while until it'll be in top shape. I hope to finish some stories in the series while I edit though, and all of them takes place before, so that's all good. 

In RL news I only have two weeks of lectures left and a month until the grammar exam. I also have a written exam I need to hand in in December, but that'll happen online. So yeah, in two weeks I won't have anything to do until 2012. How crazy is that? And once 2013 is here I'll be heading of to York for a two week study trip. That's going to be really exciting. 

Also ... I'm seriously considering taking my second year as an exchange student. I've contemplated England, but it feels very safe. I don't want to do safe. I did safe by coming here and going to this school. What I really want to do is go to USA, and the University of California has a partnership going with my school. I'm going to talk to the Head of the International Office on Thursday, and hopefully I'll be able to apply. 

To think that I can have a shot at California! To get away from cold Norway and actually live where it's warm. I really hope I can do this. I certainly will have to get good grades. I'm quite confident about grammar, I love that class, but I'm not so confident about this philosophy class. I'll have to see what happens, I guess. 

So yeah, enough personal stuff. Tomorrow will be a new part of the free read. I'm gonna really get Yesterday's Tears finished during this week as I didn't manage it last week. That is my goal. If I can stop reading Sterek fanfiction that is.

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