23 January 2013

Measured Doses complete

I just typed the last words on Measured Doses, bringing it up to a total of over 31K words. That's is double the size I originally tended the story to be. This was the story that just wouldn't end. But now it has and it feels good. As a short story the timespan of the story itself isn't big, but the story ended in a happy, hopeful place. I sure am happy with it. 

Now I need to read through it, fix the grammar mistakes I can find, fix whatever else catches my mind. I don't have a printer anymore, so no matter how much I'd like to, I cannot print MD out and go through it. I usually catch things better that way, but alas ... So I'm going to go through it on the macbook and hope I catch most of my mistakes. Probably won't, but I'll at least do my best. Then I need to sub it. I'm hoping to have this published before Yesterday's Tears, but if not at least not long after. 

I also got a mail yesterday where I was informed that my contracts for YT and the Silver/Kian shorts would be with me soon, so those two stories have been accepted and will be released. I cannot wait! I love those two books to death, although the latter is an anthology of sorts of three shorter stories whereas YT is my first ever novel length book. 

What I need to decide now is what to write next. I want to continue with the Their Circumstances series. I am just so hooked on these guys. I have several ideas I can write though. 

★ Another Josh and Damian story is teasing at my mind, this one is set a year after they get together and it will be about their rather awkward attempts at being more intimate with each other. These two are the most awkward characters ever, I tell you. 

★ The other idea I have is about another member of the group therapy. Mal is very, very troubled and needs his own story written. This one will be more along the Silver/Kian shorts though; three to four short stories making up a book. 

★ I also have a plan to write about two lesbian couples. This will be another anthology of sorts. Two stories for each couple, so four in total. 

★ Two other characters from the group therapy also needs their stories told, but they haven't unveiled their stories for me yet, so they'll have to wait until they decide to do so. 

★ Then there's the next novel length, which will follow a minor character from Yesterday's Tears. I might write the prologue for it, as it takes place directly after the end of YT, but the rest will have to wait until I knock out a few of these short stories. I need to make a dent in the history that takes place before the present time, which the novel length books are set in. 

So yeah, lots to do! I think I might just start at the top and work my way down. :-P Would certainly be simpler. We'll see, first I want to write a little short something for Sam's challenge on LT3's GR group. 

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