1 February 2013

What's Up With TT

I am currently in York, England. It's a study trip though the university and I'm here to study for two weeks. I have got one week left of my stay, which means I've already been here a week. This is why I haven't updated in so long. I'm sorry for that but I've been completely cut off here, I haven't had any internet. 

Yesterday I bough a MacBook Pro, so now I can use the cable that gives me internet in my room. I brought the MacBook Air with me, but it does not have the plug I need for the cable. So I'm using the Air to write on, as I haven't got Office here and Open Office didn't agree with me, while I'm using the Pro for internet stuff. Such as updating my blog right now!

I also got myself an iPad Mini to replace my very old first generation iPad. Haven't got all books on it, but I've got those I've bought most recently. I don't have time to read much here anyway. We have school, then we go down to the city centre, stay there for a few hours to shop and then we go out to eat before getting in at around eight-nine in the evenings. It's quite exhausting actually!

This also means I haven't been able to write this week. That's sad, because I do have the inspiration. I did however, write 41'000 words this month, so that's good! I've added a little wordcount further down on the sidebar here to the left where I'm tracking my wordcount for the entire year. I've set the goal at 500000 words, but we shall see. I tend to have a few months a year with major writer's block. 

Other than that, I'm getting a tattoo. Now, being allergic to PPD, I did a patch test for 24 hours and I did not react to it. So I did set up an appointment on Monday, so that's going to be interesting. I've never had a tattoo before and I have a low pain tolerance. 

So yeah, that's my update. I'm going to try to write some this weekend, in-between food and city centre and project work. I also have contracts I need to sign. 

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