15 February 2013

Free reads: Valentine's Day

Josh and Damian's first Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day

February 14th, 2004

"Do you know what day it is today?"

Damian tilted his head to the side and up so he could look at Josh. "Saturday?"

Josh's tentative smile disappeared to be replaced by a slight frown. "Well, yeah …"

What had Damian forgotten? Damian glanced down at the books he'd been immersed in, his thoughts spinning.

"Just forget it." Josh shrugged. "It wasn't anything important." A brief smile flickered over his lips before he turned and walked into Damian's bedroom.

Damian stood up from the couch. He wanted to go after him, but Josh was upset about something and Damian didn't know what he was upset for.

He headed over to Silver's door and knocked. He pushed it open when Silver called for him to enter. Silver was sprawled on his bed, with a sketchbook and a pencil in hand.

"What's up, mate?"

"What day is it today?" Damian crossed his arms over his chest.

"Valentine's Day," was the quick answer. Silver raised his eyebrows. "Don't tell me you've forgotten about Valentine's Day, D? It's your first V-day with Josh."

"I haven't forgotten. It's just … slipped my mind. What's so special about it, anyway?" Damian hunched over slightly, feeling guilty. Josh obviously thought something was important about it, judging by his expression when he'd left the living room.

"It's a day for lovers to, you know, express their love more thoroughly than any other day in the year. You have no idea how many couples were at the studio today, getting all kinds of lovey tattoos done. It's quite depressing really when you're single." Silver shrugged. "Anyway, you should go apologize if you haven't done anything. Normal people tend to think Valentine's a big deal, you know."

"Thanks a lot, mate," Damian replied dryly as he turned away.

"You're welcome," Silver replied with a chuckle.

Damian headed back into his own room. Josh was sitting on the bed, tickling with a small box in his hands. He put it away when he caught sight of Damian, hiding it behind his back.

Damian sat down next to Josh on the soft bed. "I'm sorry. I'm not good at this."

"I know it's not your thing." Josh smiled slightly.

Damian's chest tightened. Josh always tried so very hard to downplay his own feelings and Damian hated it. He wanted to fix it, to do something for Josh, but he didn't know what. He'd never done this kind of thing before. He was fumbling around in the dark.

"I got you something though." Josh reached behind him and took out the little box he'd been fumbling with when Damian had entered. "I don't know if you'll like it, or if you'll wear it, but I saw it and I thought of you, so …"

Damian covered Josh's fumbling hands with his own. "You didn't have to buy me anything, but thanks." He took the box and flipped it open. Inside was a thin, silver bracelet. There was nothing extravagant about it, it was plain and simple and exactly how Damian preferred.

Now Damian felt even worse for not having realized what day it was. "Thank you, Josh." He bent over and hugged Josh tightly. "I'm so sorry I didn't realize what day it was."

"It's okay, Damian. I know this is not your thing, all the romantic aspects that's expected on a day like this." Josh hugged him back tightly.

"You should tell me when there's something you're looking forward to." Damian drew back so he could meet Josh's green eyes. "Like Valentine's Day. It's better to tell me beforehand, so I'll know. I have no idea what I'm doing, so … just being told would be nice."

Josh's smile grew a bit in size. "You know, I like that you're kind of clueless. I am too, really. Guess we both just have to figure this out as we go along."

Damian slid his hand up Josh's arm and over his shoulder to cup the back of his neck. "I love you." Those words were probably what he had the easiest time with, because they were true. He did love Josh. So very much, even after only half a year together. It was everything else he had issues with.

Josh leaned in towards him. His smile had turned soft, fond. "I love you too, Damian. So very much."

Josh kissed him then and Damian relaxed into it, like he'd eventually learned to do. He loved kissing Josh. Josh's lips were soft and warm and pliant.

"Happy Valentine's Day," Josh murmured against his lips.

"I'm going to do better next year," Damian promised.

"Mmm," Josh hummed as he grabbed a hold of the front of Damian's t-shirt. "I think you're doing pretty well right now."

Damian chuckled at that but went willingly when Josh pulled him with him back down on the bed. Their lips met again and Damian couldn't think of a better way to spend Valentine's.

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