25 February 2013

Which idea to pick?

I've been awol for a little while, because life's been crazy with essay deadlines and stuff. I never could get back my motivation for writing after coming back from England either. I am trying now though, and I do have several ideas. I just don't know which one to write, so I shall list them here and see if that might help. Or if anyone feel like pointing out their favorite, I wouldn't mind. *grin* 

Idea #1. Sequel to Yesterday's Tears. I can't really say anything else, because it would be a major spoiler for YT and I wouldn't want that. 

Idea #2. Sequel to Measured Doses, my first m/m/m story. This one would be a continuation of their story, because there were some unresolved issues that needs to be dealt with. It's set a few years later than MD. 

Idea #3. Another story set in the Their Circumstances series. This one will be about Catlin and Sterling, two other blokes from group therapy. 

Idea #4. Rising Intimacies. A short story featuring Josh and Damian. Set after Scarred Souls. Thinking of having this one as part of an anthology of sort. Depends on how long it turns out to be. 

Would anyone be interested in short stories from the TC series put together in one anthology? I'm thinking short stories under 10K here. Stories over I will try to have released separately. It would be interesting. For the first anthology I was thinking of only featuring the lads (and one girl) from group therapy. 

Or maybe I should try my hand at idea #5. It's the idea I got for LT3's Vampire anthology call. It will be set in contemporary times, only it'll have vampires and perhaps other supernatural creatures. It's quite an interesting idea, but I'm not quite sure I can pull it off. Or if the motivation will last.

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